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An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows. Official mirror for China: https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg
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Please run install.bat before you start committing code, this ensures your code is auto-formatted to the x64_dbg standards.


For a complete guide on compiling x64_dbg read this.


Releases of x64_dbg can be found here. Snapshots of x64_dbg can be found here. Jenkins build server can be found here.


x64_dbg is an open-source x32/x64 debugger for Windows.


  • Open-source
  • Intuitive and familiar, yet new user interface
  • C-like expression parser
  • Full-featured debugging of DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine)
  • IDA-like sidebar with jump arrows
  • IDA-like instruction token highlighter (highlight registers, etc.)
  • Memory map
  • Symbol view
  • Thread view
  • Content-sensitive register view
  • Fully customizable color scheme
  • Dynamically recognize modules and strings
  • Import reconstructor integrated (Scylla)
  • Fast disassembler (BeaEngine)
  • User database (JSON) for comments, labels, bookmarks, etc.
  • Plugin support with growing API
  • Extendable, debuggable scripting language for automation
  • Multi-datatype memory dump
  • Basic debug symbol (PDB) support
  • Dynamic stack view
  • Built-in assembler (XEDParse)

Known bugs

  • Memory breakpoints sometimes fail (TitanEngine bug)


x64_dbg is licensed under GLPv3, which means you can freely distribute and/or modify the source of x64_dbg, as long as you share your changes with us. The only exception is that plugins you write do not have to comply with the GLPv3 license. They do not have to be open-source and they can be commercial and/or private. The only exception to this is when your plugin uses code copied from x64_dbg. In that case you would still have to share the changes to x64_dbg with us.


Special Thanks (in no particular order)

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